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Central to the philosophy of Little Star High School is the belief that every individual can learn. Inherent in this belief is our responsibility to prepare each student for a productive future by providing him/her with a broad education commensurate with his/her abilities and aspirations.  Little Star High School recognizes the value of human dignity, accepts individual differences and promotes mutual respect among students, teachers, counselors, and administrators. 

A broad curriculum content is challenging and goal-oriented, and applicable to real life problems and opportunities. Students work toward individualized goals to achieve personal/social growth, academic learning, and career development. 

We have high expectations for all of our students. We know that they are capable of achieving success, and, together with parents, teachers, students, counselors and administrators we have created programs and policies that encourage students to reach higher, to try harder, and to achieve more than would otherwise be possible. We believe that school should be a place that students look forward to attending; a place where each student is challenged to think and be resourceful; a place in which both intellect and character are nurtured. All our students are valued members of our community. We seek to effectively serve them all, to reach them all. 

As important as academic achievement is, it is not the only measure of success. Our high standards go beyond report card grades. We promote character by fostering a sense of community in which each member is valued and respected; a community built upon individual responsibility and accountability. 

Our goal is to light the spark of curiosity, creativity and compassion that will enable each student to successfully meet the challenge and the promise of the future. Placing great emphasis on respect and responsibility, we are committed to maintaining an environment in which all students have the opportunity to thrive and mature into productive, proud and fulfilled adults who meaningfully contribute to the world in which we live.

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